My Story

How I rediscovered wholeness

I understand the grief of childlessness

because I walk the same path.
I know the feelings of unworthiness and emptiness as you watch others have and raise children.

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to understand.

It can be isolating when people don’t see your sadness as serious or get just how deep the feelings of loss go.

Many people assume you’re childless by choice and made “selfish” decisions. Others ask questions like “When are you going to have children?”

When I was a single woman, it became clear that having children was not an option because of my circumstances. It was hard to wrap my head around the fact that this was it.

That grief resurfaced when I married later in life. Until then, I had always imagined a sort of life order that felt right for me: meet someone, get married…have kids.

Accepting a future I had not imagined or wanted was painful, but it was a start.

A start to forging my own path onward.

I’ve come to realize grieving the loss of that future was essential to creating my own path to healing. Grief isn’t linear and triggers can set it off again. But through my journey, I’ve learned to navigate them and care for myself in the process.

Through it all, I found myself.

I’ve created a life that is joyful and meaningful—without biological children.

From that experience, I’ve developed a passion for helping other women understand their innate worth and live a fulfilling life.

I would be honored to be part of your journey.

Where I've Learned

MD, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Certified Life Coach, The Life Coach School

Nutritionist, Nutrition Therapy Institute

Health Coach, Health Coach Institute

I Promise to:

Be real.

I believe authenticity and integrity are essential. I’ll be honest with you and I won’t ask you to do work that I wouldn’t do myself.

Understand your real.

Dealing with childlessness is hard, and I’m here to walk through those difficult emotions with you. We’ll go as deep as you’re willing to go.

Meet the Team

In Memoriam


Corky has never met a person he doesn’t like. A real corker, he’s constantly wagging his tail and keeping spirits high.

In Memoriam


Nanna was tiny in size, but not in sweetness or spirit. This feisty pup was at her happiest when she was chilling with her people.

Tigger & Tilly

Born deaf and blind, this brother/sister duo is inseparable. Tigger always has a spring to his step and is unphased by obstacles—he’ll just bounce right back. Tilly is shy and sweet and doesn’t let anyone get in between her and her dog treats.


Mochi lost some toes to frostbite as a young pup, but he’s a resilient little guy who doesn’t let this slow him down. He’s a true zoomie king with a bubbly personality!

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