Life Coaching

When you dreamed about your future,

how did you imagine it would look?
We all have ideas about how our future will pan out. It’s hard to figure out what to do with a life that looks different than what you wanted. When happily ever after isn’t as you’d imagined, it can be easy to feel alone. You may be struggling with your identity or wondering what’s next.

It’s still possible to create a fulfilling life.

Throughout our coaching sessions, we explore what your path onward looks like. We’ll make space for the hard feelings and grief but also work through how you can love your life now. We’ll look at your self-perception, re-examine societal narratives, and clarify your personal values. I’ve learned it’s possible to reframe dreams and find a direction you’re genuinely excited about.

Navigating the Healing Process

What’s included:

12 one-hour coaching sessions over video calls

Know your self-worth.

Guidance through the four-part Path Onward program

We cover:

Exploring where you are with your dreams of motherhood

Have you let go of this dream? Not quite there? We’ll work through where you are right now and explore how letting go of attempts to conceive, if you’re ready, doesn’t mean you don’t want to be a mom. If you’re ready to stop trying, we work through saying goodbye in a meaningful way so you can begin the process of grieving your loss.

Decide where you are in your journey.


Work through emotions that accompany your decision.


Start a new chapter with meaning.

Experiencing the grief of childlessness

While others don’t always realize this as a loss, it is. You don’t need to minimize your pain. Whether it’s a pregnancy loss, having had fertility struggles, or sadness over a dream that won’t happen, grieving is essential to moving on.

Take the time to heal.


Allow yourself to feel grief.


Learn how to live with sadness and joy.


Get the support you need from family and friends.

Managing challenging situations and triggers

Triggers can come up each day, from well-meaning comments to portrayals of motherhood in the media. People may ask “when are you going to have kids,” or “why don’t you like children.” Other times, bad feelings resurface with baby showers or pregnancy announcements. We’ll work through healthy ways to cope and how to respond.

Understand what triggers you.


Develop strategies for difficult situations.


Re-examine societal narratives.


Navigate unwelcome comments.

Flourishing in a normal that’s different from what you imagined

Remember the old you? The one before you knew your dreams of motherhood wouldn’t come true? We’ll dig deep to bring out those parts of yourself that suit you. Then we’ll look at what you want from your new normal. We’ll reframe your dreams and work to uncover and embrace the good in your life.


Clarify your personal goals.


Imagine a meaningful future.


Discover (and rediscover) what you enjoy.


Feel confident and whole.

Hi, I'm Gail.

Gail Miller

Founder of Path Onward Life Coaching

After I realized biological children would not be part of my story, I had to go on a personal journey to grieve the loss, manage triggers, and reimagine my future. I’m passionate about helping other women find the same healing and wholeness I discovered along the way.

Client Testimonials

Gail provides guidance and support from the heart, empowering you to make subtle changes that have profound effects.

Kathy R.

Gail is a great coach! She adds a dynamic to holistic medicine that not just anyone can do . The results are amazing and life changing.


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