Circle of Support

For Women Who are Childless by Circumstance, Not by Choice
If you are grieving the loss of the dream of motherhood and wish you had a safe community of friends who truly understand what you're going through...

We're your Circle of Support.

We gather on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6-7pm MST. Join us!

(beginning June 18, 2024)

Far too often, women who are childless by circumstance feel alone and unsupported.
They may internalize blame and deny themselves the right to grieve. 

Being part of a community that comes together in a safe space for open discussions, venting,
and unwavering support can make an immense difference.

Here, you’ll find understanding, empathy, and companionship on your journey toward healing and acceptance.

a sense of belonging

Feel part of a tight-knit community where you’re valued and embraced

coping strategies

Learn effective coping mechanisms to navigate the challenges of childlessness with resilience


Gain strength and resilience through shared experiences and mutual support

Practical tips

Gain insights and tips for handling difficult situations such as hurtful comments and intrusive questions with grace and confidence

release self-blame

Lean into the process of releasing internalized guilt and recognize your right to grieve

safe environment

A secure space to ask questions, engage in open discussions, and build connections

Hi, I'm Gail.

Gail Miller

Founder of Path Onward Life Coaching

Discovering that biological children wouldn’t be part of my life story was a profound turning point in my life. It led me on a deeply personal journey of grief, confronting triggers, and reshaping my future. 

Through this process, I found healing and a sense of wholeness that I’m eager to share with other women facing similar circumstances. 

This support group is the one I wish I had during my journey. It’s crafted to nurture and empower women like you as you navigate toward acceptance and fulfillment.

Come join us as we gather regularly to provide support and understanding.

We gather on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, and we’re saving you a seat!

(Beginning June 18, 2024)