Take Charge of Your Health Conversation

Tips for Talking to Your Health Care Providers

Do you find yourself avoiding or dreading healthcare visits, knowing you’ll be grilled about your reproductive history and worse questioning the choices you made? Even harder hearing. . . “I couldn’t imagine not having children.” 

As women who are childless not by choice, we face a lot of judgment from society for our life decisions. This judgment can be difficult to cope with, but when it comes from your medical providers, it can be even more disheartening. For those in this situation, understanding what is happening and finding ways to move forward can make all the difference.

In my free miniclass: Childless? Take Charge of Your Health Conversation I provide tips and techniques to help you prepare for your medical visits. 

In this short self-paced course, you will learn:

  • ZWhat information the doctors need to know
  • ZAddressing the questions of “When are you going to have kids?”
  • ZFinding support
  • ZWhen it's ok to tell your medical providers that their approach is “not OK”
  • ZPlanning for your visit

Don’t wait any longer to take control of your healthcare!

Register for my free miniclass: Childless? Take Charge of Your Health Conversation and empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence to actively engage in conversations with your health care providers today.


Hi! I'm Gail.

Founder of Path Onward Life Coaching

After I realized biological children would not be part of my story, I had to go on a personal journey to grieve the loss, manage triggers, and reimagine my future. I’m passionate about helping other women find the same healing and wholeness I discovered along the way.

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